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An Educated Mind - ETCSINES

An Educated Mind - ETCSINES

What I want to share is the secret of excellent student. 
Many student wonder why some are better than them even if they read together at the same pace the same way. Some people say it's inborn to be a 'guru'. Others say it is a strong academic background, some say it's the way they assimilate. Well all these are not wrong. But there is a unique factor every excellent student has that has been unnoticed by many student.

It is called an educated mind. 
This is what many student who performs poorly lacks. It is not a function of what has been taught in class but what you have built over time. This is also what makes any man successful in life. 

What does it mean to posses an educated mind?
A mind that is educated is a mind free from fear of any know or unknown question. In other words a man's mind is said to be educated if he can provide an idea for any problem.
Many student overtime concentrate majorly on class work and forget mind work. What will give any student an hedge is not largely what he has learnt in class.
I have noticed and known that many student are so indifferent about reading anyother thing outside 'class work'. Even this article written might not interest many because it does not looks 'schoolish' but it could be the answer to the problem of poor academic performance.
Now is the time student learnt that our mind needs to be built up outside the courses in classes . We have to learn how to read other books, articles, and sort that will give us a a strong mind to get calculated answer for any question.

You can give only what you have. If all you have is class work you will get class mark. But if your mind has being built and has become vast enough to comprehend the nitty witty of any kind of thing,no question of any sort will throw you off because your mind has carried capacity.

Even if you don't know what to write you mind will answer because it has been built. It is time as student we stop looking as book but reading books that will build our mind wholly to aid our participation in class and our confrontation in the examination.

Never forget a powerful mind is a Useful mind
Build your mind outside the classroom.

Writer: Emmanuel Oladunmoye

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