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An Educated Mind, A Mind Of Greatness - ETCSINES

An Educated Mind,  A Mind Of Greatness - ETCSINES

An educated mind is an informed mind, an enlightened mind, an intellectual mind, an exposed mind and most importantly, a mind of greatness. The aforementioned are best gifts a Man's mind can ever possess. 

An educated mind which has been well fed and groomed with knowledge over time not necessarily within the four walls of a classroom as most people think will seek for ways to provide solutions to situations. Aspirations towards greatness can only be birthed by an educated mind which is well informed and has diverse knowledge in most areas. 

An educated mind generates positive ideas on providing solutions to issues confronting the society.  In the light of all of the above and previous posts on the "Power of an Educated Mind." Nigerian students should endeavour to  read, acquire knowledge on diverse fields, be well informed, be able to learn more even outside the four walls of their classrooms, be sound intellectually, be exposed on matters affecting their nation and be able to take on the mantle of greatness handed down to them and be the needed change this generation needs.


Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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