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An Introduction To The Teaching System - ETCSINES

An Introduction To The Teaching System - ETCSINES

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of our teachers in Nigeria? Have you ever taken time to study how they run their day to day activities? Have you ever tried to check the flow of knowledge? How it transcends from various textbooks to their brains and to the recipients (Students), Have you ever thought of getting updates from what is going on in their system?

It's like to no one seems to care about them. These are people who labour while it is day to give students the best they can, these are people that displays themselves on publicly for their students; (The Role Model & Mentors of the students). These are people that needs to be studied. It's time for us to act like a watch-dog in a government system and do a check and balance on them. If truly they have done well, at the end of this write-up, we would know, if truly they are some errors that needs to be corrected, it will be glaring for us to see, how about places in which they need adjustment, through the instrumentality of our articles this week, they will be corrected. 

We are set to bring to your view things you ought to know about your Teachers.
We will be considering various topic this week. This topic will help you understand the teaching system in our educational sector more. I believe you don't want to miss it. Do Stay Tune.
Don't forget, we are on a campaign and it is aim at reawakening the Reading Culture in Nigeria Students.

I Believe in Etcsines
I Support Reading
I Remain Timileyin Oni "God's Intellectual.

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