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Do We Need More Teachers In The System? - ETCSINES

Do We Need More Teachers In The System? - ETCSINES

Do we need more teachers in the system? Yes! 
I remember going to pick a friends brother in primary school, to my surprise I was told that only two teachers take a total of 12 subjects. Bode was only in primary 3, but his educational walls was confined to only the words of knowledge from two adults called teachers.
My point is that, teachers are not machines neither are they god's. More teachers are needed to help the kids in school understand better, I mean, listening to a voice for more than 5 hours at a stretch can make you bored or tired. Even the teachers themselves will eventually get tired from talking for hours and lose focus of the designated topics. We need not just teachers in the system qualified teachers that are full of intellect that can impact in the life and minds of children. A lot of schools employ individuals that are not qualified enough to teach children claiming that there is no enough financial budget to cater for qualified teachers and individuals who can help the children to attain the required knowledge needed of them to.

Instead of having a teacher taking physical health education (PHE), basic science and mathematics, why can't we have each individual's taking each of the subject that they are qualified to take and have full knowledge of.

Writer: Pamilerin Eniolorunda

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