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Does School Determine Your Greatness? - ETCSINES

Does School Determine Your Greatness? - ETCSINES

A school can be defined as any organization that initiates learning and teaching to individuals. A school is a school, be it academically or skillfully the main purpose of the institution is to impact knowledge on topical issues or craft work. Some will tell you that going to a school does not determine your greatness, truth be told, it does. 

A lot of us think that only lawyers and doctors need to be schooled, no! Artists, footballers, musicians, actors all need to be schooled to be great and successful in their various fields. Now it depends on your passion for school. Do you have great interest in academic institutions or skill institutions? This is something you must not mistake and know right. You need to know if you are mentally fit to attend an academic school or skill acquisition institutions because not everyone is going to be good academically neither is everyone going to be good in craftwork. Basically it is important to learn the basic English words and knowledge required of speaking correctly. 

Luckily and fortunately we now have academic institutions that educate individuals on skill works and craftsmanship, so yes my answer remains the same. School determines the greatness you attain in the field of your profession as it brings out the creativity in your field. 

Writer: Pamilerin Eniolorunda (Waye_Pam)

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