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Examining The Phrase "Leaders Of Tomorrow" - ETCSINES

Examining The Phrase "Leaders Of Tomorrow" - ETCSINES

The cliché “we (youths) are the leaders of tomorrow” is supposed to hold fast but how true is it? I wonder why the term has become so impractical and difficult to attain.
Leaders of Tomorrow can be defined as a carefully selected, global community of the most promising youths. 

What does it take to be selected and what efforts are we contributing towards being among the leaders of today? 
Some people will tell you that there is no tomorrow because tomorrow never comes or finishes, Matter-of-factly, yes its true so why don't we buckle up and work towards being the LEADERS OF TODAY. Let's stop for a minute to question the percentage of youths who can answer the status quo and represent the voices of the present and next generation,Leaders of Tomorrow qualify either through how well you have obtained maintained and sustained the knowledge you gained in the educational system and how well you are putting acquired knowledge into practice. 

The reasons are that the youths have infinite vigour, interest and subversive intellection among others and are,  vivacious participants of social change. For these reasons that they are also proprietary “Leaders of Today .”  If we don't learn how to be Leaders of Today how well can we then play an effective role of Leaders of Tomorrow. 
With great anticipation, I encourage and urge every youth to work towards being the Leaders of Today .

Writer: Pamilerin Eniolorunda

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