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Examining The Teaching Systems In Nigeria - ETCSINES

Examining The Teaching Systems In Nigeria - ETCSINES

In the past, for one to be a teacher he/she needs a Teacher's Certificate Grade 1 or 2 from Teacher's Training College, this changed with the advent of Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) which became the required certification for all primary and junior secondary schools while a Bachelors Degree in Education (B.Ed.) was required to teach in senior secondary schools.

This is still the standard till today BUT majority of the schools in Nigeria today don't follow these standards and this in itself is disastrous. As having teachers that are not qualified is the basic challenge of the educational system in Nigeria. This is when you have scenarios of teachers  who cannot successfully pass on knowledge, administer objective tests/assignments, discipline the students and others.

So, it is safe to conclude that an untrained teacher cannot function as effectively and efficiently as a trained one, and if we intend to improve the quality of education in Nigeria, we have to stick to the original certification and standard of teachers in the country.

Writer: Nkechinyere Nwachukwu Favour

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