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How To Become An Effective Leader - ETCSINES

How To Become An Effective Leader - ETCSINES

We have been considering a salient topic this week and we believe this topic is one of the potent factors that makes a reader a leader in his own sphere of influence. If the end point of Reading is to make you an influencer in your domain, why do you want to settle for less?

With this in view, we present to you some points on how to become an effective leader. We know that Leadership is  the ability to lead/direct a group of people or an organisation. It is an avenue to make  influence, and implement decisions with love and understanding.

   To become an effective leader,the following qualities are required; 

* A good leader demands a lot of doggedness in his dispatch of duties.He/she must work with all sincerity and truthfulness and must be responsible for his/her  decision and follower's performance .
 * Transparency: To be a good and effective leader,there is need for transparency .A good leader must be   open in his/her dealings with people in their docile relationships especially the monetary aspect.
* Humility:An effective leader must be humble to both senior and junior in every aspects of their routine as regards the work.Even when communicating ,the tone and manner of passing across d msg must be line with humility.He/she must see himself/herself as a leader and not a boss. 

In Conclusion, all you ever need to deal with people is Love, with this you can be an effective leader.

Writer: Busayo Akinmolayan.

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