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Is School For Everyone? - ETCSINES

Is School For Everyone? - ETCSINES

Many people overtime ask this same question, is school meant for everyone? this writing might sound so hard but trust me it is the hard truth. 

With all sincerity I boldly say that this question is usually asked by many  people who have seemingly experienced academic failure overtime and this serve as a consolation question to their consistent academic failure. Truly we are in a world that been successful academically doesn't guarantee being successful in life. Nevertheless, this question must be answered. is school meant for everyone?
let me start by first defining what school is;
English meaning dictionary calls it An institution dedicated to teaching and learning. This means school is a place for two activities...

1. teaching 
2. learning
The more reason why many people feel school is not meant for them as a result of repeated failure is because they have forgotten the two fold of school. Teaching and Learning.
Teaching is the role of the teacher
Learning is the role of the student
We have concentrated on the role of teachers and tag school 'failure' because it like teaching a dog how-to swim. I write to disagree. A school is incomplete when there is no learning dimension. 
the question to be asked is not if school is meant for all but What have to done to fulfil your part of learning.
Listen learning has to be deliberate and it takes concerted effort. The truth is that the school system might have failed in teaching why not do your best in playing your part by learning.... learning is a process that requires you to be intentional about. it not what is done in school but what you have done in your room. 
it's not the time to start asking the question of if school is not for you. it time to be intentional to learn and become the best you can academically.
No one is created to be dull. We know circumstances can also be a reason for our failures but now is the time to be intentional about it and take responsibility. Embarrass the Embarrassment, disgrace the Disgrace and do your best to learn and you will know school is meant for all.

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