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Leaders Of Tomorrow Expanded; How True Is It? - ETCSINES

Leaders Of Tomorrow Expanded; How True Is It?  - ETCSINES

We have been hearing that we are the leaders of tomorrow for so long now, as a matter of fact it now seems like a national anthem to us as youths, but the truth is this we are supposed to start leading from now (today). 

The leaders of tomorrow does not even know what tomorrow looks like yet they call them the leaders of tomorrow, all we know is that someday the old ones will give us a chance to truly prove our worth and let the world know our impact just like some countries have elected Young Minds to rule the country. 

The question now is when will Nigeria start believing in the leaders of tomorrow if the old ones can teach in the way of tomorrow?
The funny truth is that the building materials for tomorrow is with them yet they tell us to build the tomorrow we want for ourselves. 

If they can let us lead today, we would actually do better tomorrow, leaving legacies for the ones coming after us. I really hope that very soon we will realize that our tomorrow starts today. 
I am a Nigerian youth, and I believe that my tomorrow depends on my today 

Omolola Adeboye Adekunle 
B.Sc Mass Communication

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