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Line Upon Lines - ETCSINES

Line Upon Lines - ETCSINES

She grabbed the remaining pieces of the book she just bought. She couldn't believe her eyes, this can't be happening, she went through a lot of stress just to get the copy of this book; only to reach home, drop the book on the dinning table, went straight to the kitchen to pour herself a juice, relax and settle down to read the book, but what her eyes were seeing, her mouth cannot tell. Her three years old brother had torn the book into pieces and was even chewing some.

This is the short story of a Nigerian Students preparing for her WAEC exam. Her class teacher had recommended that novel to her personally and she spent her last penny on it, only to find out that she couldn't read it, the first 50 pages of the book were torn. How on earth was she going to know the full story.

This week, we will be looking at an important topic which is titled :Line Upon Line, the benefit of this topic is immeasurable as we will be enlightening the readers on what it takes to read contextually. Half knowledge cannot be compared to full knowledge. If you are going to go for knowledge,go for the full knowledge and earn the power.
Do stay tuned. 

I Remain Timileyin Oni " God's Intellectual".

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