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More Benefits Of Contextual Reading - ETCSINES

More Benefits Of Contextual Reading - ETCSINES

Just as I explained earlier contextual reading is a process of reading that inspire a reader to comprehend a linguistic context or discourse in a message or accumulation of  phrases that is words sentences and paragraphs in a way that allows the reader to give meaningful meanings that was intended initially by the writer. 

Contextual reading helps you to understand better what is expected of the reader because when students don't read contextually they tend to forget that words have different meanings depending on the sentences it is being applied to and are at a disadvantage to understanding the purpose of the message. When you read contextually it is easy to figure out the meaning of the words used to pass across the message or information intended. It also helps students to be equipped with resourceful ways to gain understanding and easily decode unknown words.It also helps the students to be able to think indecently and increase the vocabulary building of the students.

I remain Pamilerin Eniolorunda

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