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The Benefit Of Contextual Reading - ETCSINES

The Benefit Of Contextual Reading - ETCSINES

In reading, one of the most vital areas that need to be considered is the "context". Reading to acquire knowledge, retain the knowledge and make something useful of out of it should be the major goal of every student. .Every story has a beginning, a central point, and an ending. In order for an individual to get the most out of the story, it is essential for such individual to understand the rudiments of reading and ways to go about reading; which is very pivotal.

One of such ways is what is termed" Contextual Reading”.A lot of people find it difficult to retain what they have read due to a high level of books they are exposed to. We virtually read a lot of books per day but it is very expedient for us to select the ones which we think can be useful to us as a student. Contextual Reading can be defined in two ways. The first definition of Contextual Reading in alignment with our topic for the week is: "The deliberate act of depending on the preceding or following parts of a text to clarify meaning”.

Every Book has a structure and the reason for this structure is to let the reader know what the writer is trying to communicate. In News Writing, there is what we call the structure of a News Story. The structures consist of the introduction (lead), the body and the conclusion. A well-detailed news will ensure that there is a link between each part and this is done to make the reader aware of the whole story.

When a reader misses a part in the story, it is just as if he missed all because the other part is dependent on each other. The second definition is "The consistent reading in an intentional context".  This definition can be further explained to be the ability of an individual to find a suitable context to read consistently, this context might come in form of physical location, work schedule and leisure time. When books are placed under this category or more for Reading, it forms a context in our mind. For instance, when books are placed beside our bed and each day we read at least one hour  from it, books are placed in our library, we read at least one hour from it per day, books are put on our phones and we scroll through the chapters of the book when we are at our leisure hour. 

It creates a context that we would be used to and it paints a picture in our mind that from this particular vantage position there is something I must read. In Reading a book, there is a need for us to read it in context so as get the full information the writer is trying to communicate. It is so sad nowadays that students do not apply such principle while reading instead they pick a particular potion they intend to memorize and gulp it down. This should not be so. Every Student must learn to adopt the method to help their learning process. 

I Stand For Contextual Reading

I Remain Timileyin Oni "God's Intellectual".

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