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The Benefits Of An Educated Mind - ETCSINES

The Benefits Of An Educated Mind - ETCSINES

An educated mind can be defined as a well knowledgeable and informed mind that has learned and enlightened his or her self on the things happening around and needed information. Being educated is not about teaching, going to school, being certified or being called or known as a literate. An educated mind could be self-educated, informed, enlightened and filled with a good intellect. It's funny how we mistake being a student for being an educated minded person, not all students go to school to learn a lot of them go to school to be taught. I will be telling you about the benefits of being an educated mind. 
A person who has an educated mind will have the confidence to impact the life of others. The words from an educated minded person will have so much effect on the hearers of the word. 
An educated minded person will stand out among his or her peers. There is obviously a difference between a person that has only been taught and a person that has learned all his life.
The words you speak will sell you out. People you speak to will not only recognize you but they will give you the respect you deserve knowing that you are not a joke to the society. 

Being educated minded will also take you to the path of delivering your generation. Everyone talks about how bad the government and leaders are, but only a knowledgeable mind full of intellect and focus can deliver the country.
Let's be educated minded so that we can write a new chapter for our generation.

Writer: Pamilerin Eniolorunda

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