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The Contention Between Citadels Of Learning (Private and Public) Part 1 - ETCSINES

The Contention Between Citadels Of Learning (Private and Public) Part 1 -ETCSINES

A citadel of learning is basically a organised place formally set up for the purpose of teaching, learning, research and other educational activities. 

Generally a school or a citadel of learning can be owned by the government which in Nigeria could be either by the Federal Government, State government, jointly owned by more than one state government , a government agency or a parastatal. On the other hand,  a school can be owned by a private individual, a group of individuals, a religious organisation or a company.

In Nigeria, in the late 80's it was not common or usual to see a school, university or a tertiary institution owned privately. It was rare and scarce. Over the years and primarily due to factors like reduced funding to public schools, drastic increase in population, irregular school session because of industrial and labour strikes and the high competitive nature of securing admission to public schools, private schools sprung up speedily and like wild fire. It attempted to bridge the wide gap between the number of candidates eligible to secure admission to private schools and those that eventually succeeded.
This also naturally gave birth to a lot of substandard private schools and an opportunity to defraud a lot of people. The government compulsorily had to step in and create a lot of guidelines and parameters for the establishment and running of this private universities.
It is now common place to see a lot of private universities contending well with some long established public universities.
There are some significant ways to identify the differences between a private or a public university, I will examine this and as i look at the trending topic of which university is now better between a public or a private university.

How really do public and private universities compare with each other?
Let’s do some comparisons below and see how they perform.

The major difference between private and public universities is in how they are funded. Public schools are funded by the Government while private schools are funded by individuals and organizations.

Unfortunately, most Government funded universities have fallen into varying stages of decadence – with government falling behind on funding. On the other hand, private schools seem to be better funded which somewhat affects the quality of education there
Verdict: Private Universities Win This

Funding affects tuition. And since private universities are privately funded, they are obviously more expensive. Tuition in private universities is approximately 9-10 times higher than it is at a public university. Some people even attest that the tuition can build a comfortable 2 bedroom apartment!

This makes them inaccessible to lower class families (except they get a scholarship or a grant).
Verdict: Public Universities Win This

To be continued

Writer: Tola Arawomo

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