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The Mindset Of A Reader - ETCSINES

The Mindset Of A Reader - ETCSINES

The mindset of a political leader is to try as much as possible to give the best to the public, the mindset of a pastor is to see his church grow and his members blessed. The mindset of a teacher is to make sure that the students understands what is been taught and there is always an impactation. 

Now what is the mindset of a Reader supposed to be like:
The number one thing that should always come first is reading to understand, after which you can now think of assimilation. A reader who just wants to go through the pages of the book and then close it is not a reader, that is self deception.

Another thing that should constantly be on the mind of the reader is the fact that once there is an input there must be an output either by school exam, public teachings, motivational speech, being a teacher or even teaching your our child his homework. You have read something similar to whatsoever you have been called to do, so give out just as you have taken in. 

Also a reader must always bear it in mind at all times that the time devoted to reading is never wasted if there is a FOCUS. You only waste your time while reading if you do not have a set focus, don't be surprised that you might assimilate but at the end of the day you might not be able to pick one tangible thing that would make sense to you, so for every thing or piece you read, always be focused and determined to learn lessons from it even before you give it out back to people. 

Omolola Adeboye Adekunle 
B.Sc Mass Communication.

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