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What Is An Educated Mind? - ETCSINES

What Is An Educated Mind?  - ETCSINES

Yesterday's article was an introduction to our topic for the week. We discussed the power of an educated mind. We also critically examine that outstanding difference between a student with an educated mind and a student without it. We also gave a disclaimer on the ideology that some group of people where born a "guru" or peradventure there is a concept known as "inborn guru".

Today we will given you a dictionary definition of what an Educated mind, we will separate the words.

The term "Educated" means civilized, enlightened, informed, Intellectual, knowledgeable etc. 
 A student do not assume this position of been educated without going through the process of acquiring information that will develop the mind.

The development of the mind comes from the ability to read. Without reading, a mind cannot be educated. Consistency reading develop the mind of a man to be able to solve problem, proffer solution to threatening life solution.

When a student has an educated mind, he is a genius awaiting public recognition, sooner or later, what he knows would announce.

We encourage all students around the world, most especially in Nigeria to strive to educate their mind. The Mind is responsible for the thought, feeling, disposition of an individual, it is known as the faculty of reasoning. Only reading can make the reasoning in the faculty of a student produce results that are worthy of World Recognition.

Writer: Timileyin Oni

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