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What Is A School? - ETCSINES

What Is A School? - ETCSINES

The word "school" is derived from the Greek word "Schole", which originally means "Leisure"  but was literally translated into a particular location "where lecture is given".  A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments  for the teaching of students  (or "pupils") under the direction of teachers ( 

 According to the oxford dictionary, a school is define as an institution dedicated to teaching and learning...It can also be define as an institution meant to provide learning spaces and environment for teaching of students under the guidance of a teacher.
In the schooling system,there is always series of system which students progress through,it starts from the primary (for young children),secondary school( for teenagers and later proceed for higher education).

Tracing the origin of school, it started in a one-room where a teacher taught seven grades of boys and girls in the same classroom,the entrants are picked based on their abilities or aptitude but the mode gradually broadened to accommodate literacy in vernacular language as well as technical, artistic,scientific and practical subjects.
Today, it is a different case. schools have graduated from one room to big areas and rooms which includes classrooms(specialized for certain subjects )laboratories,workshops, computer labs,cafeteria, athletic field (gym/playground), schoolyard,auditorium/hall,administrative offices,libraries,security agents,health services etc. 

One pertinent questions everyone Reading this should ask is that *Is School For Everyone?*. We will answer this question in our next write-up.

Writer: Busayo Akinmolayan

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