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What Kind Of School Is Meant For Everyone? - ETCSINES

What Kind Of School Is Meant For Everyone? - ETCSINES

         I must commend previous write-ups on this week's theme "The schools of our time" including what a school is, the issue of school being for everyone or not and also the bone of contention between public and private universities in Nigeria. All of the aforementioned having been explicitly discussed, it is pertinent to ask ourselves the exact kind or type of school meant for everyone using the Nigerian students and educational system as a case study. As pointed out in previous write-ups, a school is any organized institution or set-up mainly for the purpose of teaching, imparting knowledge into receivers of this knowledge through the process of learning.

           I will like to correct the popular notion or thought that a school must be for academic purposes only with the aim of obtaining first school leaving certificate, bachelor's degree certificate, doctorate degree certificate and the likes at the end of a specified duration of study. Rather, a school is an institution where people are being trained or impacted with knowledge on a particular issue. 
         We have catering schools, driving schools, schools for academic purposes, aviation schools, swimming classes, music schools, theology schools, acting schools, dance schools, make-up and beauty classes and many more, all under the broad scope of "school." 
          Thus, a school is not only for academic purposes as perceived by most people but any institution where knowledge on any field of life is being imparted and received, that is, involving the teaching and learning process. It's commonly said that even life itself is a "school."
           The teaching and learning process which makes up a school is actively carried out by tutors or teachers on one end and students at the other end. The kind of school meant for everyone is a school that suits each person's individual aspiration, dream and ambition as all of these differ and vary from one person to another. 
          The kind or type of school meant for each person in the society as everyone has been a student at one point or the other, thus the best kind of school suitable for all is a school where teaching and learning takes place with adequate facilities and in line with each person's dream or ambition in life.
        Conclusively, each Nigerian student should search for a school in accordance with their chosen path or ambition, pursue it and also enroll in it to receive teaching, impartation or training from such school devoid of what the society forces them to adopt which most times is not necessarily in line with the person's dream. I urge you today to follow that passion or dream of yours, enroll in a school in accordance to it, pursue it and strive to be the best product ever from such school.

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Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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