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Benefits Of Further Studies - ETCSINES

Benefits  Of Further Studies - ETCSINES

Good Evening, this is an extension to the topic that was posted a week ago. It is noteworthy to say that the benefits of further studies cannot be overemphasize. They are numerous and I will be highlighting few of them.

1. It provokes Intellectual Curiosity: One of the way the mind of an academia is provoke is when there is a platform for further studies. It is generally believe that what can engage the mind of a professor is what makes he thinks. If the professor is now a lover of new things, further studies just became the fuel to his desires.

2. It Enhances Sound Academic System: One of the ways In which we can have sound academic system is when the system of further studies is encouraged.

3. It Debunks the Cramming System: When there is a system called further studies, the Cramming System is exposed and it is exposed, when this occurs, the eradication process begins. 

With this few point and the ones discussed earlier, we can boldly say that in the eradication of the Cramming System in Nigeria Educational Sector, further studies is one major factor. Thanks

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