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Can Emotional Intelligence Stop A Student From Cramming? - ETCSINES

Can Emotional Intelligence Stop A Student From Cramming? - ETCSINES

I'll start be defining emotional intelligence. 
Emotional Intelligence can be defined as having the ability and potential to be conscious not excluding total dominance to verbalise and convey sentiments and feelings to manage small and large relationships. Now linking this to the educational system, emotional intelligence is an important factor to success either individually or within an occupational group. How well can you control and manage your emotions and feelings while reading? 

While making my research on this topic I discovered that individuals with emotional intelligence (people that dont let their moods get in the way of their activities) have great mental health, job performances and leadership skills. 

Can emotional intelligence stop a student from cramming? Yes! Reasons being that when you are emotionally intelligent you are self-aware, you have emotional control, you have the ability to motivate yourself, you have empathy and you are good in managing relationships. 

As a student you have a relationship with your books,  you are aware that you need to read your books to pass excellently (self-awareness), you can control your feelings and mood while reading or doing your daily activities (emotional control), you can understand the feelings of the teacher (every teacher wants their students to be the best and no teacher will be happy at a failing student) (empathy), knowing the intentions of the teachers and your parents you will be motivated to read your books (self-motivation). 

An emotionally intelligent student will not wait till the last minute to read designated books cramming the mind with information but rather educate one's self as he/she is an active listener.

Writer: Eniolorunda Oluwapamilerinayo

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