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Can Teachers Motivation To Teach Transcend Above Wages? - ETCSINES

Can Teachers Motivation To Teach Transcend Above Wages? - ETCSINES

Can teachers motivation to teach transcend above wages?
A very subjective question which cannot be answered in itself but has to be based on different factors and variables. 

Teachers motivation to teach can either be based on external or internal factors. A person can start a job with the right motive but could get sidetracked by other things. Motivation is a psychological concept and it can either be extrinsic or intrinsic.

A case scenario of an unmarried 28 year old lady who is a trained practicing teacher and could put up with inconsistency in the payment of staff salary would be unable to continue in that job after marriage because of her responsibilities. Now, she could love the job but her motivation for it has been affected.

But can her motivation to teach transcend above her wages?
Yes. But does she have another source of income, or can she function efficiently and effectively without a stable income??
Don't be distracted by the feminine gender because you might be quick to assume that everything would be fine if she had a husband  that would be financially responsible for the family or parents that could feed or take care of her needs but understand that our main focus here is not gender, it is a profession. 
The man or woman no matter how much motivation they had initially for the job, as long as it is a source of livelihood to the person, it would always affect their input.

So, back to our question. Can teachers motivation to teach transcend above wages? Yes, if the job is not a major source of income or livelihood. When the motivation to teach is intrinsic, then external factors like wages would not be an issue. Take for example, people who volunteer to teach (illiterate adults, orphans, or free tuition schools, etc), these people obviously are not motivated by external factors. This is the way teachers motivation to teach would transcend above wages.

Writer: NkechiNyere Nwakchukuwu

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