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Examing The Wages Of Teachers In Nigeria - ETCSINES

Examing The Wages Of Teachers In Nigeria - ETCSINES

This is a delicate topic that requires special attention by everyone involved in the Educational Sector in Nigeria. We have heard of how teachers in Nigeria struggle to make ends meet, how true is it, let consider some statistics.

As regarding salaries of teachers, In August 2017, MySalaryScale carried out a survey to produce insight on the salaries of Nigerian teachers. The final result of teachers’ average salary was quite poor. It was also not encouraging and quite disheartening. Nigerian teachers were found to be earning an average salary of #49,000 per month. Further study also proved that even after some of these teachers have been there for years, say ten years or more as senior level staff, they still earn an average salary of #59,000. This is only an average. Some teachers earn more than this and some even less.

This is just for an average teacher, I might guess that this teacher is from a private school were salary is paid regularly, what if we consider some public schools were salary are being held for months without no date of paying, how do we think these teachers survive?

An average teacher has a low standard of living, receives meager salary and also do not receive it on time. Are these not enough reasons to lose one’s competence? Is it not enough to fail an examination? Personally, I think it may just be.

What exactly is the way forward? What is the cause of this? How did it reach this stage? All this question would be answer as we entertain more detailed write-up from our writers this week. 
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