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Examining The Term "Further Studies" - ETCSINES

Examining The Term "Further Studies" - ETCSINES

 Hi, how are you doing? I am very much sure you had a splendid day. Ok, we are on to another topic this week. A topic I would specially want you to carefully read and take seriously. You know if it's not important, I wouldn't push it.

It is a topic that gives you an opportunity to explore another dimension in any different field.  It is noteworthy to say that the current knowledge you are working on presently is not to the end point of Knowledge in that field. I am pretty certain that there is much to explore, find out, investigate and most importantly add to in your field. No man is an island of Knowledge!!!

But Really, which field am I trying to examine here. (Sigh) Common, you should know better by now!!! Do you want to give it a guess, Ok, Let's save you the rest, it is the teaching system. 

We are trying to see how a system of further study can be adopted, where teachers do not base their teaching on the scheme of work or the things that they know or have taught over the year. We are advocating for research. When all this things are done. I am very sure and most of my audience want such. This we believe will help in Eradicating the Cramming System in Nigeria Educational Sector. 

Remember, I, you and everyone has been clamouring for a change in the system and how we can reawakening the Reading. This is an opportunity to do. Make sure this message run like wild fire, get across to alot of people through any medium people. Remember Any Potential Leader Should Read this.

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