Further Studies: A Pathway To Intellectual Prowess - ETCSINES

Further Studies: A Pathway To Intellectual Prowess - ETCSINES

Still on this subject matter of further studies on the part of teachers, I must admit that other writers have effectively discussed what further studies is and how important it is in eradicating the system of cramming. Intellectual prowess can only be attained through continuous work, updates,  improvement, training, basically exercising the intellectual ability of a person.

In attaining intellectual prowess, further studies is a must or how else can a person be a master in whatever field they are in? For someone to be termed a professional in any field, they must have spent 10 years  or over 10,000 hours working on it. A person becomes a master at a skill when they apply this same principle.  And further studies is one of the platform through which a teacher can attain prowess in their field as they would have to study, read, research, write articles/publications. 

The truth is most teachers in the Nigeria educational sector are uninterested in further studies and a great majority do not understand the importance of it, this is why a teacher can use the same lesson note for 2 years or more,  in a world where things are changing continuously and to not be obsolete you have to be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn? We really have to stand, teach/train the teachers and make them know how important further studies is, first to them and then to their students.

Nkechinyere Nwachukwu

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