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General Advice To Students Who Cram - ETCSINES

General Advice To Students Who Cram - ETCSINES

Good Evening Readers, This is the last sub-topic on our wonderful topic this week “Dangers of Cramming”. In this write-up, I will be writing base on my experience as a student and I hope it will help students and teachers who wants to or are currently engaging in the habit of cramming.

Cramming is as bad as having a bad assimilating level and capacity of intellectual knowledge. This question goes to students, why cram when you have enough time to read? Why Cram when you can without rush intensively study?
Cramming only stresses the brain and as a result you tend to forget the things you had impatiently and importantly read. Dear, you don’t need cramming, listen in class and be committed.
It is noteworthy to say that whether you are a student or you are a teacher and you support this concept, this advice is meant for you. If you spur a student to engage in cramming or you are a student and you opt for cramming, this one is for you. Remember, he who fails to plan plans to fail, it is better you create a study time table for yourself. Trust me, anything you spend time on will pay you for good, read and study hard and I assure you that a good result is at the end of the tunnel.

I Remain Pamilerin Eniolorunda

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