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Has The Payment Being A Source Of Motivation To The Teachers? - ETCSINES

Being A Source Of Motivation To The Teachers? - ETCSINES

I was born into the teaching profession and I've taught on several occasions, so, when I say a thing or two about teaching, rapt attention should be paid to it as I'm informed on issues related to teaching to an extent. And today, I write as both a teacher and a student.

Motivation has been said to be an incentive to encourage or propel someone to carry out a task or assignment. For almost all services rendered, a reward is always sought after which in turn motivates or propels such a worker to deliver his or her services effectively. 

        Teaching at the professional level is carried out with salaries, bonuses and wages in view. The payment of these determine to a large extent the effectiveness of services rendered or output. A teacher or lecturer who has been denied his payment over time will obviously lose interest in his job, someone who is unable to cater for his or her primary responsibilities or needs from his profession, someone who carries out his work to the latter, who pours out everything he has in imparting knowledge into the pupils or students allocated to him diligently every working day and looks forward to receiving payment at the end of the month or any specified period stated in his terms of employment, to cater for his needs that have built up over time and eventually, such a person denied this at the right or stipulated time will ultimately lose his primary love and passion for this beautiful and sensitive profession, become frustrated and carry out his work grudgingly, lackadaisically and carelessly. 

         When teachers or lecturers become frustrated with their work as a result of denial of payments, the lives entrusted in their care become endangered. It may have been argued that there is nothing really much to teaching, however, on a close look, this is one of the primary professions in every country which serves as a bedrock and pacesetter for others. Pupils or students are being imparted with knowledge on diverse fields by teachers which they carry on with them all through their lifetime and help shape them into whatever they become eventually.

          Simply put, teachers or lecturers mould the future of every society or nation. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, instead of being recognized, highly appreciated, valued, honoured for this onerous task, the reverse is the case! Politicians who spend few years doing sometimes, nothing really in their political offices than sitting down saying "Yeah or Nay" or even sleeping while salient issues regarding the country are being discussed are paid millions and billions even after looting the nation's treasury and taking their "share" of the "national cake" in the name of few projects done. 

         Public office holders who sit in air-conditioned offices doing almost nothing, with ghost workers on the payroll, some resuming late and leaving early for other more "important or pressing issues" that demand their attention.

Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede

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