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Has Teacher's Pay Been Fair? - ETCSINES

Has Teacher's Pay Been Fair? - ETCSINES

The pay received by teachers are too low to be a source of motivation. I was once in that shoe before going for my NYSC and I understand what teachers pass through in order to impact into their students' lives.

In my school, though a private sector, I discovered we were only teaching because we have passion for teaching ,our school managers lacks payment scheme and sometimes they dont pay on time owing us 2-3 months a times.
Payment has alot to do with motivation because anytime he pays early,we are always motivated to teach,play with the students and engage them in extracurricular activities.
Majority who teach due to lack of better job opportunities and are paid less,tends to be  less motivated while working cause the individual is just there cause money and since the money is not forthcoming the inspiration dies.
This is just a personal experience, many more will be shared via our esteemed writers.

Writer: Busayo Akinmolayan

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