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A friend once told me this when I was passing through a hard time in my life, “Timi, If you believe you can do it, then you can”. Why would she say this? She has come to a point in which she knew there was power in positive confession. When an individual confesses failure because of the fear of the unknown, then it will definitely come to pass, I pose this question to you student reading this “Do you believe you can pass that subject?”

The term fear broken down into letters would mean “False Evidence Appearing Real”. These words are very important in our discourse and it is very pertinent for us to examine what fear really mean.

Fear is a state in which an individual is not confident about an event, a state of lack of confidences that stems out of the negativity displayed in the subconscious of the person, this picture of negativity transcends to the conscious and give the individual something to be afraid about or worry about.

When a student displays such attitude, it is as a result of unpreparedness of the work at hand, external influence like the threat from teachers, competition among peer and sometimes internal influences: this internal influence stems out of the thought the student has engage in. Your thought determines your disposition and your result and outcome in any endeavor embarked upon. 
The topic is “How cramming aid the fear of failure” When a student’s settle down for cramming when an examination or test comes up, it is hinged on a salient factor, it is the fear of “I cannot pass this course”; when this thought manifest, the students sees cramming as the only option, this same fear makes the student gulp down what was supposed to be read, study and understood. The same fear transcend to the point in which the student believes that without cramming, failure is knocking. This same fear leads the student into the exam hall not wanting to talk to anybody for fear of forgetting what has been crammed. 

The worst case scenario comes when the student has a teacher who has believes in reading and carefully scrutinize the students script when marking. When the student eventually fails, he doesn’t blame it on the method used; he blames the teachers, why? Because he believes that the method adopted was the best. What the students does not know is this, “Anything done out of fear is bound for failure”.

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