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How Cramming Hinders The Mind From Critical Thinking - ETCSINES

How Cramming Hinders The Mind From Critical Thinking - ETCSINES

        I welcome all ETCSINES lovers to this new week and in accordance with our campaign, "Eradicating the Cramming System in Nigeria's Educational Sector (ETCSINES)." Our theme for the week is "The dangers of cramming" and today, we'll be examining how cramming hinders or restrains the human mind, in this case, the mind of students from critical thinking.

           Critical thinking can be said to be the application of logical principles, rigorous standards of evidence, careful and thorough reasoning to the analysis and discussion of claim(s), concept(s), belief(s) and issues. While cramming is the act of memorizing information hastily by students mostly for test or examination purposes. It is general knowledge that cramming has to do with students returning almost exact or exact information stored in lecture notes or textbooks back to their examiners during test or examination.
           Cramming is a major obstacle to critical thinking. A student engaged in cramming will find it hard or too stressful to go through the process of critical thinking, mostly, rigorous and thorough, before giving answers to issues. 
         A student who practices cramming will be unable to address issues and concepts that may arise in his or her field as he/she crammed to get top grades. Thus, a first class A-student courtesy of cramming will be unable to defend his grades or certificate as critical thinking will be difficult to apply into real life situations relating to his field. 
           Critical thinking requires thorough knowledge of the concept being addressed and unfortunately, students who cram are usually unable to achieve. 
        Conclusively, critical thinking will always be a fundamental art that must be practiced for success by students not just to achieve top grades but to be able to confidently provide solutions to problems or concepts that may arise in their course of study. My final submission and advice to fellow Nigerian students is to shun cramming to effectively practice and master the art of critical thinking.


Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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