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How does Emotional Intelligence Change the Life of a Student? - ETCSINES

How does Emotional Intelligence Change the Life of a Student? - ETCSINES

Over the years, many people have placed more emphasis on Intellectual Quotient (IQ) to be the hallmark of academic success, but to my surprise researchers have announced that Emotional Intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient) is a greater factor for success and academic strides.

Emotional Intelligence is said to be the ability to identify and manage one’s emotions, as well as that of others. It generally include three skills such as,

Emotional awareness; Ability to harness emotions and apply them to task like thinking and solving problems; and 
Ability to manage conditions, which include regulating one’s own emotions, cheering up and calming down other people.

However, the second point explains how Emotional Intelligence can lead a student to thrive academically, as well as in all aspects of life. I will unveil a secret here that the ability to think effectively is rooted in a person’s emotions. That is why many people including scientists agree that a student will find it difficult to learn in an angry or unhappy mood. 

Many young people are victims of social violence (sexual assaults, molestations, etc.), broken homes, child abuse and other unpalatable circumstances. These factors result in emotional trauma, which in turn inhibit effective assimilation and academic excellence.

Nevertheless, amidst such circumstances some people have been able to strengthen their emotions against such conditions and have excelled. The ability for students to identify their emotional nature as well as that of others, and effectively manage it despite all odds proves them to be emotionally intelligent and matured.
Many teachers don’t know this. So I appeal to school authorities to put this into consideration.      
By Daniel Owa-George

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