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How To Create A System Of Further Studies In The Teaching System - ETCSINES

How To Create A System Of Further Studies In The Teaching System - ETCSINES

Before we can talk about system of further studies, we have to exam what further studies really means to support progress in the academic field. 

Let us use the Tertiary institutions has an example, from Assistant lecturer before you move to lecturer one you need to have a Masters degree and to have that Masters degree you need to further your education if not you will remain stagnant and at the long run you will be relieved of your duty same goes for every lecturer even after getting your PhD you still have to write papers both foreign and local publications. That system has helped lectures to impact their students knowledge they have acquired during their further studies. 

Going to the primary and secondary section, I can boldly tell you of a teacher whom have been using the lesson note she has written when she started working has a teacher and when u tell her “Ma, this thing is not correct her reply are always go and tell your father and mother that”. Those set of teachers finds its hard to impact new thing to their students. Most teachers even find it hard to 
listen to the news via radio or television, they become absolute and rely on their own knowledge.

Now moving to “how to create a system of further studies in the teaching system” before the system of further studies can be create in the system their should be a certain goal that must be achieved. Everything in this country has changed from 1960-2018 but the truth is the educational sector has not experienced any atom of change. Before a teacher is qualified to handle a particular class he or she must be certified by the ministry of education and before promotion she must have an extra certificate for her to be qualified for promotion, the certificate can be either a Masters in Education or an educational professional examination. Any teacher who fails to engage in such should be disengaged by the ministry of education.

Each teacher must be mandated to produce at least a textbook or workbook that will be accepted by the ministry of education. So has to share their own view on the subject to other students in various schools. At the resumption of every term their should be a seminar held for the teachers to inform them of the new development in their field of study. With this teachers will be more serious with their work because everyone wants a promotion for a better pay.

Writer: Bunmi Olumide Afuye

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