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How To Effectively Maximize Emotional Intelligence -ETCSINES

How To Effectively Maximize Emotional Intelligence -ETCSINES 

Emotions are feelings that can go a long way in building our lives. The way we behave, the things we do or even say can be influenced greatly from our emotions and so knowing how to master these emotions and conditioning them to work for us is Emotional intelligence.

A person that can acquire emotional intelligence can achieve a whole lot. Being emotionally intelligent helps you discern certain things without necessarily adding sentiments.

For a student, emotional intelligence is greatly required. Students go through different things that could turn their emotions upside down. Imagine waking up and being hit with about seven tasking assignments that are due the same day. A student in that situation might just want to cry, another might just want to go back to sleep and forget about it and yet another might become so fearful and begin to panic.

An emotionally intelligent student would not allow those emotions of fear, sadness, or depression to overtake him or her. This student would rather sit down and try to take the assignments one at a time, knowing that crying, sleeping, or being fearful will not help in any way. 
In that little scenario painted above, we can say that the student maximized his or her emotional intelligence, because it was used in making sure that the assignment was completed. 

When you maximize emotional intelligence you actually use it to make the best out of any situation you find yourself in instead of allowing you emotions overwhelm you.
I would give one point I think can always help us to apply emotional intelligence to what we do. That point is “Logical reasoning”
When we face certain situations we tend not to reason logically anymore. We just go hay-wire and do the first thing that pops on our minds. It is more advisable to sit down and think and plan your way out of any situation. This goes to both students and workers.


Written by: Joanna Ebreso

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