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How To Pursue Further Studies as a Teacher or Lecturer - ETCSINES

How To Pursue Further Studies as a Teacher or Lecturer - ETCSINES

Good day esteemed readers, still on the teachers/lecturers category, today, we'll be considering how further studies can be pursued by teachers and other people involved in imparting knowledge within the educational sector in Nigeria. 

Further studies on the part of teachers is an important issue that cannot be pushed aside if success must continually be recorded in the educational sector and also if the lives of students must continually be improved and watered. 
Further studies as teachers simply mean efforts taken on the part of teachers to improve themselves, as we all know, the knowledge that is not worked on or improved daily will eventually become obsolete and a waste. How then can further studies be pursued by teachers? 

              Firstly, teachers/ lecturers should seek knowledge by reading extensively on their chosen fields and career. Publications, research should be read in order to gain more knowledge in their fields and to be able to impart to their students from this well of knowledge gathered by them. Seminars or pieces of training organized by institutions should be attended occasionally by teachers. Passionate teachers may even attend seminars personally on their own to broaden their knowledge in their field. Meeting, discussing, comparing notes, knowledge with people from all walks of life relating to their chosen field will be helpful to teachers to know where they lack, create room for improvement towards bettering the lives of their students.

            A teacher whose knowledge is obsolete and not updated with recent happenings will not be able to meet up with latest demands and will end up being frustrated and not enjoying their fields. Thus, lecturers or teachers in this category will encourage Cramming as they will keep dumping textbooks and notes on students without giving well-detailed explanations to them.
             Professional examinations should also be undertaken by teachers or lecturers to test and update their knowledge. This should be associated with promotions to encourage teachers or lecturers to develop interest in them and be eager to undertake such examinations. 

            Further studies should also be carried out by teachers by listening to media reports, reading newspapers, recent publications, updating lesson notes, extensive researches on each topic they are allocated with, usage of search engines such as Google and the likes to update their knowledge and deliver the very best to their students.


I remain Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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