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Intro: Well Trained 🆚 Well Educated - ETCSINES

An Introduction To The Topic Of The Week (Well Trained Vs. Well Educated).

Good Morning Readers, We are on to another exciting week, this is another ample opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn. We trust you were blessed by out write-up last week. This week promises to be more exciting and the topic is something that will get you thinking and produce a positive effect in our educational system. Follow me….

They are two basic concepts to understand in the topic for this week; they are “Training & Educated”. These concepts are interwoven and e will urge our readers to pay much attention to it in order for them to get the picture we are trying to paint. We trust that our writers handling the topic for this week would do just justice to the topics that will come your way. 

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. One of the methods used in education is training and this is an integral part of education. In order for us to get these concepts, we will tell a short story of an individual. Abraham comes from a family of five, tracing the history of his family; his father is a doctor, mother a nurse, his elder brother is studying medicine just because that is the family trade, everyone knows that his passion is photography but he can’t a decision for himself, the family trade/occupation dictate their profession or course of study. Abraham is next in line to make a decision. 

Your guess is good as mine; he has to opt for the family profession. In a bid to satisfy the family, he gets into the frantic race of making good grades and by the time he is 
through with the course of study. Everyone calls him a certified medical doctor but deep down he is born actor who is supposed to be making waves in the movie industry. The question is “Would you call Abraham a well-educated man or a well-trained man?”

Read up on some of our amazing write-up this week as we explore what really goes on in the decision making process of the course of study, the aftermath of such decisions and the way forward.

Our aim at “ETCSINES” is to create an educational system in which everybody who is a participant in the education system would not only be educated but trained on their job description. This will enhance a system where both students, teachers or any government body would kick against the cramming system and would not encourage it.

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