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Introduction: The Dangers Of Cramming - ETCSINES

Introduction: The Dangers Of Cramming - ETCSINES

Have you ever been in the exam hall, preparing to take an important paper, you await the question paper to arrive but there was a delay. Finally it arrives; you got your answer booklet and started pouring down all you have upstairs. 

You were about answering the second question and according to what you have upstairs, there is a line you are missing, you pause for a while to remember but it seems it is not forthcoming, you know if you don’t remember that line, you cannot remember the rest. This can be so embarrassing and frustrating.
How embarrassing can it get when a teacher is teaching and whole of student the teachers goes blank, the next line wasn’t forthcoming.

This week, we will be coming in that light to show to students and also teachers the dangers of cramming. Danger implies harm that one may encounter. Danger is the general word for liability to all kinds of injury or evil consequences, either near at hand and certain, or remote and doubtful.

According to research, it has been revealed those that engage in cramming suffer from tends to get use to their short term memory and with this they can’t hold some vital information for a long period of time. This is really bad. 
Have you ever visited a house and in the front of the house, you saw a notice and on this notice it was boldly written “Beware Of Dogs”, you need no soothsayer to tell you that if you don’t tread carefully in the house, there are two things involved, it is either you go out of that house sustaining an injury or you are escorted to and fro during your visit in that house.

This is to tell you that the next time you are planning to engage in cramming because of one subject or in a bid to meet up with a presentation or to represent your school in a debate, count the cost. We all know how it feels when the electricity company takes light in the middle of an interesting television series.
Remember, Reading is key, use it and have it power, the dangers of cramming is not something you want to encounter.

I remain Timileyin Oni “God’s Intellectual”.

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