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My Wages, My Service - ETCSINES

My Wages, My Service - ETCSINES

She paced round her room, how was she going to teach these students on an empty stomach. She has so many options, she could just lay back on her bed and let the day roll away. Hmmmmm, she knows she can't do that, it will be a great injustice to mankind. She loves her students and she knew wants the best for them. With the look of things, she has to reconsider her love for them.

Miss Tomato has been teaching in the Government Secondary School for the past two years, she came out the university hoping she was going to get a good job but after sitting at home for 2 years, she decided to opt for teaching. She needed to get the necessary requirements for her to be a certified teacher, she then went to a teachers training college. By the time she was through with her training, her passion for teaching had increased. The passion had been there right from university days where she taught her colleagues, she was good at teaching, even her Lecturer could attest to this

She decided to go for a public school despite her outstanding certificate because she wanted to help out, she knew what it meant to be in a public school, she had been through it, how teachers neglected their students, how they treated the students, she decided to make a difference in the public school she found herself. When she entered the school as a senior secondary school teacher. She was determine to help her students.

Her parents were shocked by her decision to go to a public school to teach, they were countless private schools in the area in which she could choose from. Hmmmmm, she only wanted to help. The pay wasn't that good for her, but it was an head start she believe it was going to increase as she journey in her teaching adventure.

Two years gone, eight month without salary, what would she do? 
This week, let examine how teachers feel when deny of their right and their response to it.

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