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Preview: Soul in Silent Pain By Opeoluwa Gbemisola Akinbodewa

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Soul in Silent Pain
By Opeoluwa Gbemisola Akinbodewa

Often times, individuals go through pains which cannot be explained or told; these phase or phases are always endured in solace. People endure pain in marriages, offices; others among peer groups.

Among all forms of pains, the most touching of all for the Asemota family, aside the psychological pain is the pain which becomes hereditary. Damilola Asemota is constantly reminded of the challenges she undergoes due to the genetic imbalance in her system.

Damilola is a sickle cell patient with a unique character. Damilola undergoes a lot of peer and social influence. Many of her friends and age group are proudly in the university. She is viewed by her society as a failure with a lot of pressure from all sides. Beyond this, her mother takes on her welfare as she conceals worrisome thoughts from Damilola. Occasionally, she betrays her emotion in harsh reaction to Damilola's complaint. As a child with no father, Damilola has to endure her pains silently. Her mother has not been paid by the government for months as a civil servant. Friends have forsaken her. University admission is not forthcoming. She feels lonely with her soul dejected and rejected by the society.

Damilola Asemota is a spectacular survivor and carrier of sickle cell. Though she has bad blood running through her veins, she could not help but write about someone whom she loves so much. It was at a time she needed to put an end to the suffering fragments of her life began gathering together.  

Paul Benson is the reason for this journey.

Damilola is rooting for a probable solution for all sickle cell patients across the globe. These are individuals with diverse goals and aspirations to make the world a better place. Their visions, goals, aspirations can aid channel the world in the right direction if the state of their health is helped and not cut short by death. 

This is the story of the Soul in Silent Pain.

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