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The Roles Of Teachers In Reading - ETCSINES

The Roles Of Teachers In Reading - ETCSINES

Looking at the sub-topic that have been treated for the past days I.e Difference between a lecture and a teacher, teachers: a student second parent, who is a teacher and the teaching mind set have prepared the readers on what role the teacher plays in making their students a good reader. 

A man once said “now that I have taught, who will teach my children” at the point of this statement this man was sympathetic about the poor manhandling approach by the teachers of our time who have no interest in the progress of their student all they care about is the good share (salary) at the end of the month. This reminded me of a story of a well known politician Ahmed Tinubu whom after becoming a successful man went back to is school to pickup is teacher and made him a someone he can never have imagined to be, moral lesson: teachers should do all they can to help their student today because they don’t know what the future holds. 

Moving to the issue of discuss, the role of a teacher in reading? Let me start by saying a teacher who does not read can never make is own student to read because he has nothing to impact in them. I hope my illustrations are not to much but the facts have to be pointed out. This brings me to an incident a student brought to me that she does not understand what her teacher having been teacher them in school, I was forced to ask her what about your textbook the reply she gave was shocking “ my teacher said we should not read our textbook, we should only read the note he gave us” tell me how has that teacher impacted or played a role in making the student to read.

I use to remember one of my lectures in school after a topic he gives out one or two revision question to keep us busy. It help majority of the student to read even if you have noting to read you will go back to that question and solve it. Which is one of the role he played in making is student to read. 

Another role is given the recommended textbooks, novel, books that have been written by notable men about the topic you are teaching I.e an economics teacher should be able to recommend “how Europe underdeveloped Africa” to his student so has to give them more light on what they are studying. Give them research or assignments that will keep them busy at home the truth is a child can use 
10hours to play but giving them assignment will keep them busy.

Lastly be their councillor follow up their individual performance advice them, you may think you are not there parent but they are more open to their teachers than their parents so don’t let them down always be in support and correct them were necessary. 

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By Olumide Afuye

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