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Development And Growth Of Cultism In Nigeria - ETCSINES

Development And Growth Of Cultism In Nigeria - ETCSINES

There is nothing in this world that exists without a root, everything has its root and it is noteworthy for us to trace the root so as to find the solution to the problem facing our educational system.

We will be taking a look at the development and growth of cultism in Nigeria educational system. Before we do that we, it is expedient for us to define the term “Cultism”.
Cultism can be defined as the practice of activities that are associated with Secret Cults. Secret Cults are organizations whose membership and modes of operation are considered to be unconventional and known to members only. Secret cult members pledge their allegiance to the cult, devoting themselves under oath to support and carryout the activities of the group without objection. Cultism is one of the major vices confronting the Nigerian educational sector today.
In Nigeria today, cultism has become a very serious and endemic problem which is capable of crippling the entire generation of the nation’s youth and thus frustrating the purpose of God for our great nation. It is also worth knowing that, the tag student has nearly become a demeaning pseudonym for armed robbery, hired assassins, murderers or societal scum.

The educational system is divided into three level, we have the primary, secondary and the tertiary. If we conduct an interview and asked the question of where this practice (cultism) is rampant, based on research, I bet you, a lot of people would say that it is the tertiary institution; this is because some of their major activities are perpetrated there. But I will put to you readers that the practice of cultism started from the primary level. 
When two or three people come together in order to perpetrate evil or cause  chaos in a school consistently regardless of the level in which the school is, it is called cultism. Noteworthy it may not be addressed as such but your guess is as good as mine, it started from there.

Cultism in Nigerian institution could be traced back to the 1953/54 academic session where by seven young men started an organization called the Pirates Confraternity at the University College, Ibadan now University of Ibadan. According to Awe, (2004) none of the six men is active in the organization any longer except one novelist whose views and current links with the confraternity are well known, while two among them are now dead. According to Atolagbe, (2003) observed that the objectives of the original seven founding the pirate confraternity were: “having identified the constraints militating against the attainment of a just society” they resolved to combat social ills such as colonial mentality, tribalism, corruption, elitism.

It was observed that for almost 20 years of the confraternity was the only student organization of its kind within the university system in Nigeria. It is however by 1972 as schism occurred within the confraternity, some of the members were expelled and they promptly started a rival organization, the buccaneer’s confraternity. About the same time an informal association of friends who got together in Nmadi Azikwe Hall of IU in 1965 was transformed into the Eiye Confraternity.

Anyone with spiritual insights will not fail to agree that the seeds of evil and the decent into decay violence have been planted even when the benign confraternities were being founded. The first fraternity identified itself with “pirates” and the breakaway association identified itself with “buccaneers”. Buccaneers belong to armed robbers operating on the high sea.

Looking at this short story on the development of cultism, we will see that the intention of those student who created it were to correct some error in this society but we all know that anything founded with the main aim of using force to correct social ills will definitely end up been the victim of such force.

Such was the case of this group of students, as a matter of fact, it was revealed that these groups of student were extremely brilliant and they had great academic records. According to a report, Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka is said to be one of the founding student of the first set of cultist or practice of cultism in the University College of Ibadan.

You need no soothsayer to tell you that this student never meant it to be this way. Wole Soyinka is one of our respected Icons on Etcsines Campaign because his contribution to the educational sector in Nigeria cannot be over emphasize but as it stands, the well-meaning group has turned out to be a thing of public discomfort. 
One of the factors I want to bring to your notice as readers and followers of Etcsines is that the student who engages in this act where pure, innocent, intellectual sound students and most importantly readers, extremely intelligent but as the good book would say; out of every 12 disciples there is always a Judas. The reason why I am emphasizing this is because I want our readers and followers to know that the moment the agenda as to which the group was created was perverted, series of evil, malicious and deadly event took place.  

I strongly believe in our next write-up, you will see how this menace has reduced the rate of reading in Nigeria, how it has endangered the lives of students and how it has degraded the educational system in Nigeria. Do stay tuned.

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