Do We Need More Well Educated Teachers Than Trained Teachers? - ETCSINES

Teaching is an art that surpasses knowledge. Although, knowledge is very essential in the place of teaching, because “you can’t give what you don’t have.” Teaching requires a special ability and skill; the effective transference of the teachers knowledge for the students’ 

If you closely examine this topic, you may initially give greater value to education, but well educated teachers who are not well trained in the art of teaching will not be able to deliver any value, although, education is an indispensable factor to be considered as well.

Teaching requires psychological understanding of the students, as well as special skills of passing the knowledge acquired to the students. These two requirements are very crucial factors to effective teaching. The sole objective of teaching is to impart knowledge on the students. An intelligent teacher who can’t transfer knowledge is not capable of being a teacher. 

There is a need for effective training in the art of teaching in order to measure up to that 

By Daniel Owa-George 

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