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Examining The School Structure In Nigeria (Private and Public Institution) - ETCSINES

The school structure consists of both the material and immaterial things that make up a school. It is the sum total of the things that makes the learning environment conducive to use. They are the building, the facilities and most importantly the equipment of the school.

          In today’s write-up, we will be examining the two types of schools in Nigeria, these schools cut across different level of education in the country. Every level of education in the country falls under the category of this type of schools. They are the private school and the public schools. We will take a look at them one after the other.

          The public school also known as the government school is peculiar for one thing, the kind of people who attends there, by staring at them, you can say which school they belong to. We will be delimiting this to the educational system in Nigeria, for another country we might not be able to say but we are sure that it’s not the same way. Most of the third world countries face the same challenge. Let’s start with their mode of dressing, it is believed that the way you are dress is the way you would be addressed. Their dress pattern distinguished them from every other student, most of the time, the materials being used to sow their uniform is neither attractive not to talk of welcoming.

          Entering into the building is another case entirely, most of the buildings have now become ancient, they are not well taken care of, you enter a class where students struggle for a seat or to get space to receive lecture, the number of students is incomparable to the number of classrooms they have in the school. You will be requesting for a painkiller when you get into their laboratory, no new equipment, the ones you see are rusty and are unable to use, the laboratory has turned into a museum where equipment that is meant for science project are there for sight-seeing, the students are now the tourist of the school. The question is this, is that the state of our public school around the country? No, some public schools are well taken care of, the government has tried their best to improve it but it is not like that in every state of the federation. Hence, the number of the bad ones outweighs the good ones.

          The Private schools tend to be different because the reason why it is called private is that it is sponsored by an individual who believes he is capable of catering for the needs of students and proffer quality education using state of the art equipment to help the student have sound and quality education. Can we say that all private schools have the same quality? Emphatically No, The quality is measured by the degree of resources available to the owner or initiator. The moment a private school start losing the basic things like good infrastructures, equipment and so on, it longer fits to be called such.

          In conclusion, the reason why this topic is important to the reading culture of Nigeria students is that it is one of the parameters that aid good reading habit in a learning environment. We urge the government to start doing something about the state of public schools structure and private owner to do better in their own sphere so that we can have a better educational system.

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