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General Advice To Both Teachers And Students On The Subject Matter - ETCSINES

I must commend our amazing writers over the week for their well detailed and informative write-ups on the theme "Well-trained v. Well-educated." I'm pretty sure we must have learnt a whole lot of things and thus, I won't be going into the exposition of the terms involved as that has been dealt with in previous write-ups.

          You might still be wondering which of the two terms to follow? Which is more preferable, being well-educated as a teacher/ student or being well trained? 
          As pointed out in previous write-ups, training is with the purpose of acquiring knowledge of a particular skill while education encompasses the acquisition of knowledge on the principles of a particular subject. I see training as a means through which education is put into practice to attain success in one's chosen field. 
           For students and teachers who desire to achieve good success in their academics and career respectively, there is need to combine both training and education as both work hand in hand. Most times, education is needed as a foundation upon which training is built on. For you to be trained in a particular discipline, you must have an apt knowledge of what the discipline entails. 
       Students who have been effectively educated and trained by their teachers will gain mastery of their chosen fields, be eager to acquire more knowledge by reading and be the best product ever. Why? Because they have undergone education and training, can manipulate both to their advantage in given circumstances, understand fully what they are into and be masters of any development that comes with it. 


Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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