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How Can The Menace Of Drug Abuse Be Curbed? - ETCSINES

It is practically impossible to outrightly stop people from indulging in drug abuse. This was an affirmation in November 2009 by Treatment Solutions, a foreign medical organisation. The menace of drug abuse and addiction can be reduced to a very minimal level.

The most effective way to deal with drug abuse is to tackle the factors that lead to it. You ask me, “What about those who are already grounded in drug addiction?” It is not yet too late; to get rid of the enabling environment is the beginning of the breakthrough from any shackles of addiction.

Therefore, these are the following fundamental help to limit drug abuse:
.  Effectively deal with peer pressure: It is no doubt that the greatest influence to the indulgence in drug abuse is the peer groups. A teenager who starts abusing drugs was probably introduced to the act by his colleagues and friends. Parents, teachers and guardians need to put a close watch on the child at this phase of life. “Your friends can make or mar you.”
2.  Deal with life pressure: A lot of people are overwhelmed with challenges, pressure and adverse circumstances from their family, job, relationship and other aspect of life. This may actually lead them to the use of drugs and alcohol to calm down the tension. This is not a solution; it will only make matter worse. Deal with life pressure by taking every situation to the battleground of prayer, where your creator is always present to intervene on your behalf.
3.  Seek help for mental illness: I know you would have probably learnt that drug abuse and addiction go hand-in-hand with mental illness. Those who indulge in drugs always spend their old age in pains and agony as a result of several diseases.
4.  Examine the risk factors: These factors are the circumstances that tend to result in the habit of drug abuse. For example if you came from a family or live in an environment where drug is abused, you tend to develop in that habit as well.
5.  Keep a well-balanced life: Many people who abuse drugs do so because they are unhappy or something in their life are not working; other take it to become “high”. Whatever the case may be, it is important to keep a balanced life. As I said earlier, settle every issue with God Almighty.
If you know how precious your life is, you will not do anything to destroy it.

By Daniel Owa-George

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