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How Cultism Has Aided/Contributed To Cramming - ETCSINES

Believe you me; every act targeted at causing social injustice in a school always has a ripple effect and cut across a lot of field. First off, when it comes to reading, I would say that if you don’t dedicate yourself to it or learn it accompany with passion for it, you will not know it significant and will not be able to maximize it power. Reading can be said to be a pathway in which future leaders are make.

If there is one thing that has grossly affected student and deny them of the right to read and make it a passion, it is the influence of peer group and other cultist group. One of the things it does is that, it makes you feel inflated and devalue reading, in extreme cases, it even makes its victim adopt extreme measure like bribe, whereby you meet with corrupt lecturer and exercise their financial capability. Others go to extreme cases using threat and other means like examination malpractice.

When someone is a cultist or involve in cultism, the first thing you will discover is that the individual doesn’t have time for studies, he  engages in social vices that takes away his time for important things that will contribute to his educational pursuit.

Noteworthy to say that it is only a few number of this victims of cultism or engage in the act that still have a little pulse for a learning that resort to cramming just to cover up for time wasted. This is a very serious matter and something needs to be done about it. It hereby time, we cast down everything that serve as impediment to reawakening the reading culture in the Nigeria Educational System. Let’s Say No To Cultism.

I Remain Timileyin Oni “God’s Intellectual
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