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How Has School Structures Aided Learning? - ETCSINES

learning is a process by which a person picks up, identifies with or gets accustomed to new things primarily through the human senses.

learning takes place every day either directly or indirectly, in organised structures, in informal gatherings, we learn what to do and also what to refrain from doing, it is always a continuous process.
Our focus in this article is to examine how the structures available in a formal educational institution in Nigeria makes it easier for students to actually learn and absorb new things.

The primary situation in most public educational institutions in Nigeria is the absurd low ratio of structures, instruments and infrastructure available to teach in comparison to the explosive population of students ready for learning at any given time. In institutions owned by private persons, groups or companies there is a minimal or no effect of population on the structures available.

A vivid example of this is when 800 students offer a particular course of study in the university but the only auditorium available sits a maximum of 600 people. The auditorium does not have public address system available and the lectures can only hold early in the day at 8a.m. so that it would not clash with another course also with high number of students. In this scenario, the students have to arrive early enough for lectures which at times has to be as early as 5.30 a.m. to secure a vantage place close enough to the podium where the lecturer is going to stand to lecture.

In this instance and most times, the lecturer teaches an entirely new topic which some students may be coming across for the first time, it is a fresh instance to learn something new.
This has however improved considerably over the years with the input of corporate social responsibilities and projects undertaken by companies in this educational institutions. There is a reduced stress but it is still a remarkable challenge.

The venue for most lectures is not the only challenge that students face in an effort to learn, there is also the challenge of not been able to hear the lecturer audibly, not having access to equipment for practical applications, inconvenient weather conditions during the duration of the lectures like excessive cold and harsh conditions, excessive heat, stuffiness, leaking roofs and insufficient sitting space.

It is obvious that in an environment set apart for learning, the smallest distraction is a disadvantage for the student as it makes it more difficult and strenuous to assimilate or learn. It is a drawback to effective learning.

Additionally and especially for some courses, exposure to appropriate practical experience is the key to effectively learning some concepts and skills.
We would agree that if we take two students of similar intelligence quotient and background and place one in an aggressive, inconvenient and uncomfortable learning environment and the other in a conducive, comfortable and serene learning environment, the one in the serene environment is likely to properly learn, assimilate and gain knowledge primarily because of his learning environment.
It has been discovered that when students experience this harsh conditions in learning, it considerably affects their output, potential and confidence, although so many have outdone their environment and succeeded in spite and despite the harsh conditions.

In an ideal learning environment where the students to lecturer ratio is balanced, the environment is serene, the equipment and apparatus needed for effective and efficient learning is abundant, the educational institutions will be able to proudly state that the students have been exposed to the best learning conditions and are able to face any challenge relate to their course of study.

There is an urgent need for a radical improvement of the Nigerian teaching and learning environment to allow a rapid effect in the quality of graduates finishing from the educational institutions and their ability to take up and handle the challenges of our nation? 

Thank you.

writer: Tola Arawomo

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