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Introduction: Drug Abuse - ETCSINES

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse or misuse is inevitable. The word abuse connotes mismanagement of a substance, it usually occurs when the handler of that substance do not know what that substance is used for. 

In the world today, it seems everything that is good and useable tends to be abuse. Is it because of the lack of proper knowledge or perhaps the perversion in the world we find ourselves? No matter what the case might be, it is expedient we look into it and find a solution to. I believe we can actually have an abuse free world.
This week, we will discussing one of the social ills that has hinder the growth of the reading culture in the Nigerian educational sector, it is a common social ills, a lot of people have discussed it, solution have been proffered by both local and international bodies and it is our believe that all measure is been taken to address this ill in our society. We will be considering the topic “Drug Abuse”.
I hear someone say what has it got to do with reading; hello readers, drug abuse cut across every aspect of the economy, our educational sector is not left out. As a matter of fact, the educational sector serves as a citadel in which people are been recruited into this mendacious scheme. The students are said to be at the epic center of it and this is one of the reason why so many agency tends to start from schools before they launch into community when handling it.
The school is exposed to a lot of danger and one of such is “Drug Abuse”, it is so disheartening to know that it is not only the students that are behind the helms of affairs when it comes to drug abuse, some teachers/lecturer are actively involved in it. Hence there is a need to examine and enlighten our readers on it. We believe you will gain a lot if you lot by this week write-up. Our writers are ready to give their best in making sure that the reading culture in the Nigerian educational sector is revive and nothing would hinder it.
Do have a reading week ahead.

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