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Role Of The Educational Sector In Curbing Cultism - ETCSINES

I am a graduate of a Nigerian private university. And throughout the four years I spent as an undergraduate, I never experienced the activities of cultism in my institution; not even for once. You might now probably ask me, “Are you now worthy to write on this topic?” Yes, that is why I am worthy to write on this topic. 

Brothers and sisters, you cannot deny the fact that most of the tertiary institutions where cultism is grounded are government-owned institutions. If you observe intently, you will discover that no private institution or probably just a few have occurrences of cultism activities in their campuses. Why? There is no foothold for such in the institution. This experience of peace and tranquility in private institutions is evident that the Nigerian educational sector has a greater role to play in curbing cultism in the institutions.  

I sincerely appreciate and commend previous write-ups on this issue. So, I will not dwell on how cultism has ravaged Nigerian institutions, the educational sector and the society at large. My friend, I point out the fact that many armed robbers, assassins, terrorists and hardened criminals are seeds that campus secret cults have sprouted.

In fact, cultism in Nigerian campuses is no longer secret anymore because the menace has gotten a ground in Nigerian campuses to the extent that cult members even do not hide their identity anymore.

 Private universities have a reputation of cultism-free campuses because they have successfully looked into the lapses of government-owned institutions on this matter, and have fully enacted policies that have prohibited these activities. The major problem is that there is a strong foundation of the act right from its inception in government-owned institutions.

The way-out of this is that the educational sector should recognize it has a greater role to play against cultism in Nigerian campuses. And all hands must be on deck by implementing various strategies like the establishment of a tribunal and task forces to try the cases of cultism, enact stern policies in similitude of the one of private institutions, expel (not suspend) convicted cult members, engage in the thorough screening of in-coming students, among several others. I also encourage private institutions to continue in holding their stand. 

By Daniel Owa-George 

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