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School Structures (Buildings, Equipments and Infrastructures) - ETCSINES

I stumble upon a visual recently and I was shocked by the content of the visual, this film defines what it means to be in the educational system, wherever you are in the world, you are not left out of this. In order for you experience what I saw, I will give you a detail summary of it.

In the visual, there was a picture of past inventions and new inventions. When I started looking at the inventions, I said to myself, this is actually true, inventions like the car we used back in those days and the one we used now, inventions like the equipment we use back in those days and the ones we used now, they seems to be a growth and a technological advancement in this equipment. I received the shocked of my life when I saw the picture of a school in the past and also the same picture display in the future. It’s the same building, now in dilapidated form and nothing to write home about. 

I said to myself could this be real. I guess it is actually true. Why? I research my mind back to my schools days and even though I went to a school that was of high standard but years has passed and the same building still exist, no changes, no touches and all of that. Let’s examine something, a school that forgets to beautify its structure, would that school pay attention to things like laboratory equipment, good sitting system and so on. The answer to all this is not far-fetched, follow me.

There is a popular saying that goes thus, you don’t judge a book by his cover, good, in as much you don’t judge a book by its cover, you also do not make the cover unattractive for the buyer to purchase because in the world we see before you look through the content of the book, the first thing you consider is the attractiveness of the cover page and how the design is been structure before you ahead to purchase it. Let’s not forget a popular saying that goes thus “First impression matters”, what you present to the world at first is what they would take you as. If you don’t have something to say, the world is too busy to listen to you, the way the container is design also matters. 

If you look at some school structures today, you will wonder what the management is thinking of. When I mean structures, it does not only constitute the building, it talks about the equipment and also research material, it also talks about the material and immaterial things that makes up the school, it talks about the living things and non-living things that surrounds the school.

A school that doesn’t have a well-furnished library, how do you expect such school to have student with a good reading culture? A school that has more 5,000 students but the size of their library can contain 500 students at once; tell me how the students are going to be motivation to read. 

In Nigeria, our school structures have gone from bad to worse, it is only some schools that see the importance in this builds and make conscious to address it.  Let’s not forget that for a student to have an healthy reading habit, they are so many factors that makes this up and one of such factors is the structure of this school. Hence, our writer would take you through a journey of what how we can effectively tackle this problem and reawaken the reading culture in Nigeria students. I would beg you not to miss any of our article, they are mind blowing.

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