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The Concept Of Reading Partners - ETCSINES

People are easily influenced by people or situations around them, how much more the younger people........ So, it could be a positive or negative influence because it is so easy to pick up a habit that is prevalent and common in an environment. 

As we examine this topic, 'peer pressure', the previous writers have succeeded in shedding light on this subject matter  and we would be looking at the sub topic, 'reading partners'. Reading partners can be defined as two or more people who read and try to understand the content of what they have read or studied together. Reading partners and study groups are similar; reading partners can be related to mean few individuals reading together while a study group could mean more than 5 people reading together. 

This people might not be of the same age or class, but their sole aim and objective is to read a material and in so doing, they encourage every other member of the group to read too. This is the reason why people join some readers' club of some sort, most times its not because they can read or enjoy the act of reading, it could just be that they need some form of encouragement and support to culminate a reading culture. 

How does this concept of reading partners apply to the eradication of the cramming system in the Nigerian educational system?

We have established that most people need a form of encouragement to read, right? How much more does this apply to students: some of them don't like reading, some of them have families that place little or no emphasis on reading and so on. 
Some schools having understood this concept, make it compulsory for every student to belong to some form of study group. This does not automatically mean that every student would become bright, but students could take advantage of such groups as being in the group would ignite a desire to read materials recommended by the teachers or materials that they think would help their understanding of the subject matter. 

Past research has shown that just as personal reading is important, the next most important kind of reading is reading with a partner or in a group. Students and teachers should be made to understand the importance of this and take advantage of it as reading in a group would help students to understand better and when they understand, they would be no need to cram.

Writer: Nwachukwu Nkechinyere Favour

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